Plantage Middenlaan 1-H, 1018 DA Amsterdam

Tandarts Puk Bos

Puk Bos

General dentist

In 2018, Puk graduated from the Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA). For the time being, she is widely interested in dentistry and enjoys treating clients in all areas. During the training she focused on pediatric dentistry, but also prosthetics and restorative treatments arouse her interest. She continues to develop her skills through further training and courses.

Puk finds space for personal attention in the chair very important, especially for people with dental anxiety. Good care is achieved when you listen carefully to your wishes. In combination with her knowledge and technical skills, she comes up with a treatment plan with a fantastic result.

BIG registration number: 49924291302
AGB code: 12100947

Quality registers: KNMT, KRT

Days present: wednesday morning
Spoken languages: Dutch, English