Plantage Middenlaan 1-H, 1018 DA Amsterdam

Dentist for kids

Plantage Middenlaan Dental Practice is a real family practice. Your children are therefore very welcome. Since most cavities occur between the ages of 4-21, we want to pay extra attention to your kids. Children often visit the dentist for the first time with their parents. Once they see that you are not scared of the dentist, they will be more at ease. First, their teeth will be checked together with the dentist. Then, your child will take a seat in the chair.

Apart from check-ups, we will also give you tips on how to brush your teeth  and we will give you some advice about food. If cavities still occur, we will explain this to your child in a playful manner.


To make an appointment call 020 420 4367 or send us your question using the form below.