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Click denture – overdentures

It could be that your dentures don’t stay put very well. There is often not enough support which could cause your dentures to move around and chatter. A possible solution for loose dentures might be rebasing (filling up the dentures). If this does not help, overdentures might be the solution. Overdentures are attached by means of a click system. Multiple implants will be placed in your jaw. On the implantsIt is possible to replace the studs by magnets. The advantage of magnets is that your dentures will be easier to remove. Therefore, magnets are especially advised for people with rheumatism or decreased muscular strength.

Course of Treatment

During your first visit, the current state of your mouth will be established by means of an oral health examination. Together will you, the dentist will go through your general health, dental history and complaints and wishes. This will enable us to make a treatment plan together with you, and you will receive an overview of the accompanying costs. If you approve, we will start your course of treatment.

When your treatment starts, a temporary impression of both your jaws will be made. After some treatments the final dentures will be placed. Together will you, your dentist will check whether your speech is not influenced too much by the dentures, and whether the dentures’ shape and aesthetics are good. When the final dentures are in place, you will receive information about how to wear and maintain your dentures. On average, dentures last for five to eight years.


All Dutch health insurers have included reimbursement or partial reimbursement of dentures in their plans. Previous to your treatment, you will receive a budget plan from your dentist. With this budget plan, you can contact your health insurer to see what possible reimbursements there are.


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