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Teeth whitening

Have your teeth discoloured over the years and would you like to have white teeth again? At Plantage Middenlaan Dental Practice we offer two possibilities.

With both treatments, your current fillings, crowns, bridges and/or veneers will not become whiter. We would like to invite you for an exploratory conversation to discuss other possibilities.

The results of the whitening treatment will remain visible for some years. However, maintaining your teeth and your living habits do play an important role in the duration of the result’s visibility. Factors that may influence the result are smoking, eating products with lots of colourants and drinking coffee, tea and red wine.


The complete treatment consists of two separate appointments in which we will first clean and polish your teeth to achieve an optimal result. The dental hygienist will cover your soft tissues and apply a whitening gel onto your teeth. Your teeth will be bleached for 15 minutes in combination with a plasma light. This will be then be repeated three times, after which a fluoride application will be applied to reduce the sensitivity of your teeth.

The treatment at our practice will take about 2 hours. We strongly advise you not to take any drinks or food containing colourants, like coffee or red wine, after the treatment. This could influence the effect of the whitening treatment and could lessen the results.


At Plantage Middenlaan Dental Practice, one of the possibilities is teeth whitening at home. First, we will make impressions of your teeth, after which a dental technologist will make special retainers for the upper and lower jaw. After a week these retainers will be done, and you can then pick them up the practice along with the whitening gel syringes. At our practice, you will receive extensive instructions on how to bleach at home.


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