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If one or more elements are missing, it is possible to place an implant with a crown, bridge or denture on top of it. An implant is a sort of screw-shaped artificial root made of titanium. This artificial root will be placed within the jawbone. Titanium is accepted by the bone and surrounding gums and will not be rejected over the years. After the implant has grown fixed, a crown or bridge can be placed.

With the current techniques, placing an implant is very simple and quick.

Course of Treatment

Before we start the treatment, we make an indication of your current health. Therefore we will ask you about:

  • Use of medicine
  • Medical problems or complications during previous dental treatments
  • General health
  • Possible allergies

Then, the implantologist will determine the current state of your teeth by means of X-rays. The implantologist will then determine which possibilities you have with regards to placing an implant. The implantologist will make a personalised treatment plan and accompanying budget plan for you, after which this will be extensively discussed with you.


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