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Crown & Bridgework

Sometimes, teeth need a lot of restoration, like when a tooth or molar has broken off. It is often impossible to place a veneer on top of this. The solution is a porcelain crown. It is impossible to distinguish from a real tooth and has a natural colour.


At Plantage Middenlaan Dental Practice we use CEREC technology. This treatment involves making 3D images of your tooth or molar. The computer will then adapt this image until it looks like the crown you wish to have. With CEREC, we will manufacture a crown that connects to your tooth or molar perfectly. The result will be sent to a machine that will grind the crown as indicated. The crown will then be placed.  The advantage of this technology is that you can be treated within 1 session. On average, the treatment will take 1,5 to 2 hours, with a short 15-minute break during which the crown is grinded by the machine.

If you have an implant, a ceramic or porcelain crown will be placed on top of it. This treatment will consist of 2 appointments. During the first appointment, we will make impressions of your teeth and the colour will be determined. The impression will then go to a dental technologist who will  pour the material into the impression. The dental technologist will then work to make a custom crown for you. Afterwards, you will come back to the practice to finally place the crown.


When you’re missing a tooth or molar, it is also possible to use CEREC to manufacture a bridge to fill the empty space. A bridge consists of multiple crowns. Between the crowns, there’s a dummy to fill the hole of the lost tooth or molar. A small bridge is made of ceramics. A bridge with lots of elements is made of zirconium. Zirconium is a soft material that will harden after it is heated. If the base fits, a layer of porcelain will be modelled around it. Porcelain has a structure that greatly resembles your own teeth and its colour can also be adjusted. 


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