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Our rates have been determined by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa), under the authority of the Dutch government.

Please click here to view the rates per 1 January 2024.


At our practice, we’d rather take care of your teeth than spend a lot of time to our financial administration. That is why we have outsourced sending and collecting invoices to Infomedics.

Your invoices will be sent directly to your health insurer by Infomedics. You will receive an invoice at home if the invoice will not be (partially) reimbursed by your health insurer. If you are not insured for dentistry, you will receive the invoice at home straightaway.

Do you have questions about your invoice? The answers to many questions can be found here. If your question is not listed, contact Infomedics by calling +31 (0)36 20 31 900. It is also possible to view your invoices digitally through


Would you rather pay directly after your treatment? That is also possible at Plantage Middenlaan Dental Practice. You can pay by card or in cash. We do not have a lot of change. You will receive the invoice and a receipt for your administration.


Despite us doing everything we can to support you both in the area of dentistry and regarding customer service, it might be that you feel uncomfortable after a treatment. If you feel that we have treated or informed you unjustly or inaccurately, please contact us. We want to work on a solution together with you.

If we cannot reach a satisfactory solution together, you can use the KNMT complaints procedure.


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