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Veneer treatment in Amsterdam


Would you like to have a radiant smile? Your dentist can adjusts the position of your teeth by means of veneers. Besides this, veneers can also be used to repair broken teeth or to adjust a tooth’s colour and shape.

Veneers are a kind of layers of material that are placed over your own teeth, and which consist of either composite or ceramic porcelain. A layer of porcelain, which most resembles the original dental enamel, will be attached to the tooth after minimal preparation.


There are 2 types of veneer: composite and porcelain. To help you choose, we will provide you with an overview of some advantages and disadvantages:

Porcelain veneer


The advantage of porcelain veneers is that they do not discolour as much as composite veneers. Because of the material, porcelain veneers also look a lot more natural.

Porcelain veneers are very durable restorations with a long life span, which require very little upkeep.


Porcelain veneers are more expensive than composite ones. The placement of porcelain veneers also takes multiple treatments.

Composite veneer


Composite veneers are relatively cheap compared to porcelain veneers. Also, composite veneers can be place in only 1 treatment.


The disadvantage of composite veneers is that they discolour faster and they have a shorter lifespan than porcelain veneers.


Porcelain veneer

For a porcelain veneer you will need to make 2 appointments; one for making a special impression, which will then be taken to a dental technologist. In a laboratory, the technologist will make you a custom-made porcelain veneer, which will then be placed during the second treatment. During the second treatment, a piece of your original tooth will be grinded off. The veneer will then be placed on your tooth. The reason for grinding off a piece of your tooth is to make the curve of your tooth look more natural.


If you choose to get composite veneers, the veneers can be placed during the first treatment. The course of the treatment will be as follows:

  • Together with you, we will decide on the colour of the veneer
  • For some clients, it will be necessary to grind a small piece off the original tooth. This will make the veneer look more natural, because your tooth will be less ‘round’
  • We will attach the composite to your tooth by means of an adhesive layer
  • The composite will be grinded to the shape you wish


Veneers do not require special maintenance. Like your other teeth, you will have to brush the veneer well. We also advise you to use dental floss.


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