Plantage Middenlaan 1-H, 1018 DA Amsterdam

Our team

Onno Greevink – BIG 99021197502
Jordie Bouweriks – BIG 99914344602
Marjolein Detiger – BIG 49918250002
Rogier Bras – BIG 69926827202
Mohamed Talhi – BIG 69924843102
Puk Bos – BIG 49924291302
Ana Lourenco – BIG 79913978102

In procedure for BIG registration
Walter Gomes Miranda Junior

Ilian Dargel – NVOI – BIG 09063505402
Nanno Kroeze – NVOI – BIG 39022249602

Sune Demant – 09923527602

Dental hygienists
Marly Stefens
Kim Siderius
Sanam Khosrawi
Emma Kempinga

Prevention assistant
Lucy Shairova
Latisha Munters

Dental assistants
Inge van der Kooy
Charlotte Heldring
Jeannette Alker
Melina Bagherian
Eva B. Gerobin

Front Office
Yasmina van Gurp
Jessie Schouten
Raoul Devers
Joelle Spink

Clinic Manager
Yamuna Martens

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