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Complaints procedure

We strive to continually improve our healthcare, and it is important to us that you are satisfied. Despite all the attention and effort we put in, it might be that you are not satisfied. We would very much appreciate it if you would let us know about your experience with us, especially if the experience was negative. Only then can we work on a solution together.

  • You can count on your complaint is always being taken seriously
  • Filing a complaint will enable us to find a solution together with you
  • It also helps us to optimize the quality of our healthcare and services.

You can express your remarks, suggestions or complaints to your practitioner or at the reception. You can also contact us by phone by dialling 020-420 4367, through the complaints form, or by emailing to We will then discuss your remarks with the people responsible, and contact you within three days.

Complaints procedure

We will try to find a solution together with you. In the unlikely event that we don’t succeed, it is good to know that you can use the ANT and KNMT complaints procedures that we are a member of.

The complaints procedure of this dental professional organisation meets the demands set by the Law for Complaints of Clients in Healthcare (Wet Klachtrecht Cliënten Zorgsector) for every healthcare provider. The KNMT can negotiate or proceed to formally deal with your complaint and pass judgment. Using the complaints procedure will not lead to additional costs.

For more information you can send a written request to KNMT, Postbus 2000, 3430 CA Nieuwegein ( You can also visit ANT’s website for more information. For personal advice or information you can contact the Dental Information Point (Tandheelkundig Informatie Punt, TIP), 0900 20 25 012 (€0,90 per minute).