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Root canal treatment

Endodontics is better known as a root canal treatment, or nerve treatment. Each tooth or molar has a root and in each root there are one or more canals. These canals are filled with the dental pulp, a combination of connective tissue, neurofibers and small blood vessels. This dental pulp could become inflamed due to decay or a leaking filling. Once the dental pulp is inflamed, it won’t heal anymore. The root canals are connected to the bone through the root apex, which means that the inflammation of the pulp can extend to this area.


The dentist will first make an X-ray of the root canals to locate the inflammation. Then the area surrounding the inflamed tooth with anesthetized and the dentist will open your tooth or molar from the top. The dentist will remove the inflamed and dead tissue, and he will clean the tooth or molar using small files and a disinfectant fluid. The space created by the small files is filled with rubber pins and it is finished off with a normal filling. If the tooth or molar has weakened severely, the dentist could choose to place a crown instead of a normal filling. A root canal treatment is performed under anaesthesia, which makes it an almost painless procedure. However, some pain may occur after the treatment has taken place. This pain could be eased by using paracetamol or ibuprofen.

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