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CEREC – Dental Practice Plantage Middenlaan

CEREC technology makes it possible to create a dental crown of tooth-coloured ceramics within one treatment. This technique enables us to replace large amalgam fillings and to restore this at weak elements or when a large piece of a tooth or molar has been broken.

Course of treatment

Your dentist will shape the tooth or molar that needs treatment in order to create the replacement. He will then put a special substance on the molar and the adjacent molars after which he will scan your mouth to make a correct registration. The computer will show a 3D image of the state your teeth are in, which we will have a look at together with you, and your dentist will show you the new state of your teeth. When the shape has been determined, the information will be passed on to the milling machine. Your dentist will insert a cube of material in the right colour into the machine and it will chisel the block into the shape designed earlier. After 20 minutes of waiting in our waiting room with a nice cup of coffee or tea, it is ready and the CEREC can be placed.  


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