Plantage Middenlaan 1-H, 1018 DA Amsterdam

General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions of Tandartspraktijk Plantage Middenlaan B.V. (KvK nr 62791400), Plantage Middenlaan 1-sous, 1018 DA te Amsterdam, hereinafter referred to as “Plantage Middenlaan”.

1. The Agreement

1. These general terms and conditions form an integral part of
the treatment agreement under article 446 paragraph 1 of
book 7 of the Dutch Civil Code between Plantage Middenlaan and the client, hereinafter referred to as “the Agreement”.

2. Execution of the Agreement

1. Plantage Middenlaan guarantees that the work they perform on account of this Agreement meets the standards which a good caregiver should respect, and which are in accordance with the legal provisions (including the Dutch Medical Treatment Agreement Act, WGBO) and also with the directives that are currently in force.
2. Dental treatments are categorized as medical treatments. The dentist or doctor has the obligation to perform to the best of his ability and has not an obligation to the client to achieve results.
3. In performance of the Agreement, Plantage Middenlaan will be authorized to call in third parties. Plantage Middenlaan will not be liable for actions taken by these third parties.
4. The client should at all times give Plantage Middenlaan complete and truthful information concerning the client’s general health and concerning the circumstances that may influence the treatment.

3. Costs

1. The costs of a dental treatment will be claimed in compliance with the current UTP rates as determined and recorded by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) in the decision on rates of dental care (
2. You can find the list of rates of dental care on Plantage Middenlaan’ website: These rates can be altered from time to time.
3. Prior to the treatment, Plantage Middenlaan will provide a budget for treatments that cost 250 euros or more in total.
4. In case of necessary changes to the treatment as a consequence of unforeseen complications during the treatment, which cause the budget to be exceeded, the extra costs will, in consultation with the client, be charged to the client.
5. Technique costs will be charged separately. At the request of the client or his insurer, Plantage Middenlaan will provide the specifications hereof.

4. Cancellation of appointments

1. The client may shift or cancel appointments free of charge no later than 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.
If the appointment has not been shifted or cancelled in time, Plantage Middenlaan will charge the reserved time and/or planned treatment by using code C90 with which the duration of the planned treatment will be taken into account, for which we refer you to the list of rates which can be found on the website
2. Plantage Middenlaan will be authorized to shift or cancel planned appointments with the client at all times.

5. Cancelling a treatment

1. If the client, after a treatment agreement has been made, partly or entirely cancels the treatment, Plantage Middenlaan will be authorized to charge all costs relating to that treatment which are incurred by them or by third parties in full to the client.

6. Expense claim

1. Fa-med takes care of Plantage Middenlaan’ expense claims. Fa-med’s terms of payment apply here. These terms of payment are filed at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) in Gooiland and Eemland under registration number 31043929. The terms of payment are available at Plantage Middenlaan, they can be found at Plantage Middenlaan’s website and they are available at Fa-med (
2. If invoices are no longer accepted by Fa-med due to the client’s default in payment, Plantage Middenlaan will be authorized to suspend further treatment or to still carry out treatment but only upon direct payment by the client.

7. Complaints

1. The client should lodge any complaints concerning the work performed or the invoice within 30 days upon discovery, yet no later than within three months after completion of the said work, to Plantage Middenlaan in writing.
2. A complaint, as referred to in the first paragraph, will not suspend the client’s obligation to make payment.
3. Plantage Middenlaan will deal with the complaint according to the Royal Dutch Dental Association’s (KNMT) Complaints Procedure.
4. If a complaint is justified and recovery is possible, Plantage Middenlaan will still perform the work as agreed.

8. Liability

1. Any entitlements to compensation for liability will expire 1 year after the event giving rise to the damage has occurred.
2. The client cannot derive any rights from the calculations made by Pien Support.

9. Governing law

1. All agreements between the client and Plantage Middenlaan are governed by Dutch law.
2. All disputes that are related to the Agreement between the client and Plantage Middenlaan, to which these general terms and conditions apply, will be decided by the judge in Amsterdam.

10. Other provisions

1. If any of the provisions in these general terms and conditions are void or voidable, this shall not affect the validity of the other provisions.