Plantage Middenlaan 1-H, 1018 DA Amsterdam


Dear cliënt,

To prevent further spread of the coronavirus, we have been advised by the official Dutch Authorities (KNMT and RIVM) to only offer urgent dental care on March 15th. For your own safety and also of others, we would like to inform you that we are following this advice.

Because we can no longer offer you the right care at our own location, we will temporarily continue our work as from Wednesday March 18th at dental practice Lassus Tandartsen Olympic Stadium, Stadionplein 125.

In case of a dental emergency, you can still be seen by us within the same day, only at a different location. You can contact us by phone on 020 – 47 13 137. Are you currently infected with the coronavirus? You will receive a referral from us to the hospital for further treatment.

We hope to count on your understanding. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We hope we can count on your understanding.

Kind regards,  team Dental Factory